Suicide Intervention and Prevention Training

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Pou Whakarite Momori Suicide Intervention and Prevention Training

For Maori and Iwi practitioners who work with Maori and or within a Maori community including:

Person/s who work in a voluntary capacity with Iwi but need professional development
Health Professionals
Maori Health Support Workers
Family Whanau Workers
Guidance counsellors
Pastoral Care Workers
Community Workers or similar
Consumer Advisors
Suicide is a serious health issue that can be used as an indicator of mental health and wellbeing in the population?.the highest intentional self harm hospitalisation rates in 2006 were female, Maori (as opposed to non-Maori), those in the life cycle stage 15 ? 24 years, an those residing in the most deprived areas.
Evidence suggests that the strongest risk factors are; substance abuse disorders, anti-social behaviours, socially disadvantaged communities, parental separation, family history of suicidal behaviour, relationship break up and a history of sexual abuse in childhood?.
New Zealand Suicide Prevention Strategy 2006 - 2016

Included in the course

Colonisation and the impact of oppression and marginalization on Wh?nau Ora
Contextual factors related to suicide including biological, social, and psychological
Assessment of a person identified as a risk of suicide
Managing risk of suicide with a person
Self awareness related to suicide intervention

Course length: 20 weeks
Course requirements: x 3 consecutive days per month and participation in on-line tutorials
Course attendance: Compulsory attendance at all lectures and tutorials
Course Start/Finish: 6th October 2009 to 11th February 2010
Course Facilitators: Dr Candy Cookson Cox
Course Venue: Rotorua ? Redwoods Training Centre
Course Costs: $2500.00
Pre-Requisite and Entry Criteria Applies
Participants will be awarded a nationally recognised qualification NZQA on completion of all course requirements;
National Certificate in Social Service Work in Suicide Intervention L4 or L6,
National Certificate in Social Service Work in Abuse Neglect and Violence L4.
Courses Level 4 and Level 6 will be taught consecutively.

All queries should be sent to:

Mapihi Raharuhi Pou Whakarite at

11th September, 4:00 pm.