New Resource for Bullies

» 01/08/2011, Posted by Site Admin

Skylight have launched new resource for 10 - 17 year olds who have been bullying, called 'Who Me'. This title reflects one teen's response made when his teacher gave him a detention for bullying. He didn't think his taunts and threats were bullying.

Skylight regularly hears from parents and carers whose child or teen has been identified as a bully. They look for help for their child and support for themselves.

An information resource is also available for parents and carers. 'When the Bully is Your Child' is an 8 page leaflet helping them to understand bullying and giving key ways to help their own child to stop their bullying behaviour.

Both new titles carefully reflect the research that the majority of bullies have been bullied themselves.

More information on Skylight's bullying resources is available at:

Any parent or professional seeking help about the impact of bullying on children or teens that they know can contact Skylight directly for a personalised support pack - phone 0800 299 100.