Who do you know who would make a great CYF caregiver for teens?

» 14/10/2011, Posted by Site Admin

CYF have launched a recruitment driver for CYF carers, in response to the national shortage of carers. Right now CYF Rotorua are particularly looking for caregivers who can open their homes to challenging teens and stick with them if things get tough.

'Children in Care' may be aged from 0 - 17 years, and may be children with disrupted attachments, behaviour problems, some health problems, educational challenges. They need consistency, healthy attachments and commitment. Most current CYF caregivers are prepared to care for children in the middle years (5 - 12 years), and most of these already have children placed with them.

At the moment there are no caregivers in Rotorua who are prepared to care for teenagers. There's also a need for caregivers who can take siblings, so they are able to stay together.

The process of becoming a CYF caregiver includes: attending an information seminar, then an application process and training. People who are interested can come to the next information session by contact a caregiver social worker:
Jo O'Toole - 921 5044, or Diana Stowers - 921 5013

See the attached presentation for more information.