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» 02/09/2008, Posted by Site Admin

Please click on the link below to have your say!

As you know New Zealand's young people are often a focus in election policies and government agendas.

At NZAAHD, we are interested in finding out your thoughts on what the future of the youth sector should look like at a government level. In particular, we are interested in your thoughts on the government investment into the youth sector and the role of the Ministry of Youth Development.

NZAAHD has contracted Dr. Fiona Beals to undertake a short survey of organisations, managers, and practitioners within Aotearoa/New Zealand's youth sector.

This is your chance to have a say!

This suvery is anonymous (you and your organisation will not be identifiable to Fiona, NZAAHD, and any other interested party). It takes around 15 minutes to complete but could ultimately impact on the future of government investment into the youth sector for years to come.

You do not have to answer all the questions - but remember every response counts. Anyone and everyone in your organisation is invited to participate
- everyone's opinion counts.

We are asking you to complete the survey by the 15th of September so that we can get the results out in a timely manner.

If you have any questions about the survey you can email Fiona (
Thank you