Te Arawa Rangatahi Court begins sitting this month

» 01/02/2012, Posted by Site Admin

Te Arawa Rangatahi Court will begin sitting this month at Taharangi Marae, Tarewa Road. It is the tenth Rangatahi court to be established, and will be presided over by Judge Louis Bidois, a Tauranga-based Judge of Te Arawa descent who worked as a criminal lawyer in Rotorua before being appointed to the bench in 2002.

Young people who admit a charge in the Rotorua Youth Court will have the opportunity to have their Family Group Conference plan monitored on the Rangatahi Court on Taharangi Marae (with some exceptionsâ?? for example, if the victim disagrees with this).

A Maori Youth Court Judge will preside over each hearing, alongside kaumatua and kuia from the community. Te Arawa protocol will be followed at all times throughout the hearing.

The young person and his/her family may also be assisted by a lay advocate, who is a (non-legally trained) representative appointed by the Court to ensure that the Court is made aware of all cultural matters relevant to the proceedings and representing the interests of the young personâ??s whanau to the extent that those interests are not otherwise represented.

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