Cost of Child Poverty - UNICEF Report

» 10/06/2012, Posted by Site Admin

Every Child Counts says the latest report from the UNICEF Innocenti Research centre in Italy reveals a crisis in monitoring of child poverty and confirms that not protecting children from poverty stores up intractable social and economic problems in the years ahead.

Innocenti Report Card 10, 'Measuring child poverty: New league tables of child poverty in the world's rich countries' says that leaving children in poverty is 'one of the most costly mistakes a society can make.'

'The report confirms what Every Child Counts and many others have been saying for years: that it is children in the early years / first 1000 days of life that are most vulnerable to the negative impacts of poverty. This highlights the need to closely monitor poverty and deprivation and set time-specific targets to improve the living standards of these children,' says Deborah Morris-Travers, Manager of Every Child Counts.

'This report says the costs of child poverty include reduced skills and productivity; lower levels of health and educational achievement; increased likelihood of unemployment and welfare dependence; higher costs in judicial and social protection systems; and a loss of social cohesion.'


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